Student Systems

How to access the system

Progression & Awards can be found under the Student Administration Staff Page in EUCLID, under Assessment and Progression.

You'll only be able to access programmes within your school. 

Process summary

  1. Log into EUCLID
  2. Click the "Students" tab
  3. Locate the "Assessment and Progression" section (if you can't see this you'll need to request access to the Assessment and Progression Tools)
  4. Click on Progression & Awards
  5. Enter your programme details
    • Enter the programme name or code and select it from the list that appears
    • Select the academic year and year of programme
  6. Click continue

Once you've accessed the system, you will see the main student list screen.

From this screen, if you need to return to the programme search page use the "Back to search" button in the top right hand corner, underneath your programme code. 

Full process with screenshots

If you need a bit more guidance you'll find step by step instructions with screenshots included on the document below.  

If you want to return to this page after viewing the guidance, please click your browser's back button. 

Next steps

Once you've accessed the system you can begin processing Progression and Awards. Some guidance you may find useful include:

Or you could return to the Progression & Awards Home Page for links to all the guidance.