Student Systems


View guidance on processing appeals for student thesis using the EUCLID 'PGR thesis workflow' software.

Please Note: This is not an Appeals workflow, but only a mechanism to record an Active appeal is open or finalised for a student.

Appeals can be recorded against a thesis submission with EUCLID.

You can add an appeal by clicking on the 'Edit' button within the Thesis workflow:

Image of the outcome complete screen

Click the ‘Add Appeal’ button at the bottom of the screen: 

Image of the award approved date

 When selecting ‘Add Appeal’ you will be presented with a confirmation popup window.

Image of record appeal screen

 If you click on the 'Record appeal' button, you will need to key the appeal date and any notes until the appeal outcome is known.

Image of edit thesis submission appeal screen

 On saving the Appeal, you will see an ‘Appeal Active’ flag against a thesis submission attempt in the workflow.

Image of the appeal active flag

You can click into the ‘Appeal Active’ button in order to key the result. 

Image of thesis submission attempt appeal screen

 If you select ‘Upheld’ you will be able to generate a new 'Thesis Submission' attempt immediately.

Image of the appeal outcome marked at upheld

On saving ‘Upheld appeal’ you will immediately be asked to save a new thesis submission attempt.

WARNING: Do not cancel out of this screen to create a new submission. Doing so will disable the ability to add a new workflow for a new thesis submission attempt.

Image of the add new thesis submission screen

You can see the outcome of the appeal against the thesis submission.

Image of the appeal upheld flag