Student Systems

Programme change request form

Guidance on making programme change requests, with the process, questions, and correspondence involved. Some changes to Programme of Study, Year of Study etc. require authorisation from the relevant School/College Office. On submission you are confirming (if applicable) authorisation has been given by the relevant School/College Office.

Programme change request FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the 'Programme change request' form within the Student hub.

Quick Guide to Programme Change Request Form

Information on the types of programme changes available and the process involved in each.

Programme Change Request form location

How to find the the programme change request form, access the request tools, and see immediate notification of requests logged for a individual student.

Programme Details Change Request Questions

A guide to the questions involved in successfully processing each of the various types of programme change requests.

Email correspondence

Read the text used in the automated email correspondence use in the programme change request form system.

Programme change request management

A guide on using this new search function to return a list of all the change requests entered into EUCLID. This function can be a specific list or a general search of change requests, of any type of change request, at any status. A returned list can again be filtered further to avoid unnecessary searches. A BI Suite report is also available to provide an overview of programme change requests made.