Student Systems

How the Tutor accesses their register

Our guidance explains how the Tutor accesses their student attendance register

When Student Systems confirm the Attendance Register Tutor account set up in EUCLID, they will provide you with information on how the Tutor accesses their register.  Please send this information to the Tutor after you have completed their Course Group and Register set up.


General guidance

  • Once the EUCLID account is complete, the Tutor's details can be added to courses in Learn.
  • The Tutor should know how to access their staff email account.  This is where they will be contacted in the event of a system issue.
  • Tutors must register with the University VPN service if they wish to view photos of students on their register.
  • If the Tutor is also a University of Edinburgh student, they will have a staff MyEd and a student MyEd account.  The Tutor should be advised to use different browsers for each MyEd account to avoid browser caching issues.


Accessing the register

  • The Tutor must log into EUCLID before they can access their student attendance register for the first time.

    • In EUCLID they will be required to confirm their compliance to the University's guidelines on the disclosure of student data.
    • They do this only once.
  • The Tutor will access their register from the Student Attendance Recording channel in MyEd.
  • Location: MyEd > Teaching and Research > Student attendance recording.
  • The channel also provides the Tutor with guidance on recording registers.


Learning adjustments

If the Tutor has been assigned Learning Adjustments for any students in their tutorial group, they will be able to access the details in EUCLID.