Student Systems


You can calculate progression/awards at any time during the academic year. The recommended decisions won't be correct though until all marks and grades have been ratified in the Assessment Hub.

When you run the progression calculations, the system is calculating based on data previously entered in EUCLID via the Assessment Hub and Maintain Course Enrolment Rules.  Calculations are based on:

  • the type and stage of programme,
  • enrolment rules (e.g. Year 1 compulsory, must pass at 50% etc.), and
  • the student's course marks to confirm if criteria has been met (e.g. "credits passed at>=50%", "overall average >50 etc.").

You can choose to exclude a course from progression calculations entirely by changing the selection/enrolment status to "must be non-counting credit". You can also "reassign" a course to another programme year if it is to be counted for credit in a different year. For guidance on how to do this please see Changing a selection status.

The calculated progression or award decision is a recommendation only, based on the information at the time of calculating. You can override the recommended decision at any time by editing the record. For guidance on how to do this, please see Editing Progression & Award information.

You can run the calculations throughout the year as a way to check if enrolment statuses and credit counts are correct, and if the progression looks on track. You'll need to run the calculations again after marks/grades are changed in the Assessment Hub.

Find out how to calculate progression/awards in the section below. 

How to calculate

You can calculate progression/awards for one or more students from the main student list screen, or for a single student through their individual progression record.