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Applying for a scholarship as a Postgraduate applicant

Guidance on applying for a scholarship when applying to study for a Postgraduate programme.

Scholarships Applications

When applying for a scholarship online, please bare in mind the following:

  • you should familiarise yourself with the scholarship eligibility criteria before applying (more details on this can be found in the guidance below)
  • each scholarship fund will have a deadline, and the scholarship will only be available online until that date.
  • scholarships are not available for existing Visiting students or applicants.
  • during the application you will be required to state which programme of study you wish to apply for and which scholarship.
  • during the application you will be asked questions to see if you are elligible for the scholarship, if you are elligible will you be asked to submit a personal statement in support of your application
  • if you have more than one application to study with us then you will need to apply for each one separately. 

You can find out how to apply for a scholarship by clicking on the 'Scholarships and Student Funding' link within the 'Fees' section of your Applicant hub:

Image of applicant hub scholarships link

Within the 'Fees' section you can find out more about scholarships and you elibility for a scholarship, and apply for a scholarship.

Application introduction

When you click on the 'Apply for a scholarship' link you will see the 'Introduction' screen:

Image of euclid scholarships application introduction screen

This screen provides information and links to further details on the following:

  • eligibility criteria
  • personal statement
  • tracking your application progress

Click on the 'Begin Application' button to proceed.

A scholarship may be restricted to certain programmes, so we therefore need to know which application for study, or programme of study you are applying for.

Image of euclid scholarships application select programme screen

If you are a registered student, we only need to know which scholarship you wish to apply for:

Image of euclid scholarships application select scholarship screen

The list of scholarships available to select are restricted only by the level of study that the fund is applicable to, and whether it is open to admissions applicants or students.

You can only select one scholarship at a time.

Having selected a scholarship to apply for, the background eligibility checks are now performed. If you are not eligible, the process will end with the message below:

Image of euclid scholarships application not eligible screen

If there are any additional questions for you to answer about your eligibility, these will be displayed at this point in the application:

Image of euclid scholarships application supporting information screen

If you are eligible you will continue to the personal statement screen.

Image of euclid scholarships application personal statement screen

Upon completion of your Personal statement , clicking on the 'Submit Application' button will display an 'Application Submitted Successfully' message.

 Image of euclid scholarships application successful screen

Viewing your application progress

After your first application has been submitted, a new link will appear alongside the original 'Apply for a scholarship' link, to provide you with the ability to view your scholarship application and current status.

Image of scholarship apply and view progress links

Clicking on the 'View My Scholarship Applications' link will display a list of all your scholarship applications and their decision status. An example of a scholarship that has been awarded, but waiting for a response, can be seen below: 

Image of the student view of an offer of award

Status definitions

At the application stage the following status may be displayed:

Status Description
pending Your application has been received and will be considered in due course
application incomplete Your application is incomplete: please use the 'Apply for a scholarship' link to continue with your application
not eligible You are not eligible for this funding
waiting list you application is eligible and has been placed on a reserve list
unsuccessful your application is eligible, but has been judged unsuccessful after being reviewe
offer outstanding

you have been successful in your application, and we are waiting on your response (i.e. accept or decline).

Please note that if you ave been successful, you should review the award letter document within the 'Documents' column to establish the details of the award before responding.

Email notification

You will be recieve an email notifying you when a decision has been made on your scholarship application. If you have multiple applications then you will recieve an email notification for each, when a decision has been made. An example of the email can be seen below:

Image of scholarship decision email notification content

Contact us

If you have any queries about your scholarship application, please contact the 'Scholarships and Student Funding Services' team on the details below:

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If you experience technical difficulties when using the 'Scholarship application' software, please contact using the details below:

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