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View guidance on completing corrections for PGR thesis submissions within the EUCLID 'PGR thesis workflow' software.

Follow the normal thesis workflow and select the 'Corrections' outcome you wish.

You can edit the number of months for the corrections to be returned.


Corrections image

Note: If required you will be able to select an extension because of this outcome. This means it will bring the student back to 'Fully matriculated' and may be liable for fees.

Click on 'Save outcome'.

Image of Outcome selected pop up screen

If 'Extension' is requested you can view the 'Extension request' in the 'Programme' tab of the Student Hub.

The 'Outcome' will be recorded

Image of Submission workflow with updated corrections

You will then need to complete 'Attempt #2' for the corrections submission by selecting ‘Add’.

Non editable 'Assessment types' will appear on next screen.

Click on 'Save'.

Image of Add new thesis corrections screen

A new attempt workflow will appear. Click on ‘Edit’ to complete the fields.


Corrections image

Click on ‘Edit’ to key the 'Corrections submission' attempt.

Image of corrections outcome screen

You can now complete the dates and select the appropriate 'Outcome'.

Before recording the 'Outcome' review the details in the 'Review Outcome' popup screen.

The 'Outcome' is recorded against the attempt.

Image of corrections outcome screen

You can then return to record the ‘Award Approved Date’ when you are ready to create the 'Award' letter and the 'Award' request for the student.

Please note this can be done at the same time you record the 'Corrections certificate' has been received and ratified.

Image of outcome screen with award approved date field


This will create an 'Award letter' and send an 'Award request' to the Student Records team.


Corrections image


Corrections image

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