Student Systems

Course Registers

How to Upload Course Registers

  1. In EUCLID > Student > Engagement, select Upload from File Course Groups and Register
  2. Click the Register button
  3. Click Choose file and select the CSV template you created for the corresponding Register and Upload


Registers Template


Important Notes about uploading the Registers file:
  • Duplicate rows will be ignored in the file and a single row loaded.
  • The file processing is all or nothing so you need to fix all of the errors before the file will load.
  • The file can contain data for multiple courses and multiple groups.
  • Data will be deleted for all of the courses groups when you choose to save, so you need to load all the groups for a course again not just the ones which are changing.
  • There is no need to upload a register for a group which codes starts with ALL as the processing will assume this relates to everyone on a course.
  • The following validation is run on the file. The file wil not upload until any validation errors have been fixed, so please ensure:
    • Headers in the template are correct
    • Course Code is valid and active
    • Group Code is the correct length (10 characters)
    • UUN corresponds to a new or fully matriculated student
    • The student is registered on the course
  • If you are unable to upload your file, or you need help, please send an email to