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Recording registers as a tutor

View our text guidance on recording register attendance as a tutor.


Tutors can record attendance online by clicking on a link supplied by their school or Student Systems.

This will open a form that allows the Tutor to record attendance directly into EUCLID.

Professional services staff will allocate registers to Tutors beforehand to allow tutors to retrieve their student groups.

Tutors will need to use their staff University Login (UUN) and also have an account created in EUCLID for access to the register recording tool.

Browser warning

Please note that you must ensure your browser setting allow for pop-ups, otherwise you will not be able to view the register as a tutor or school administrator.

Difficulties accessing your register?

If you are having difficulties accessing you register, it is likely that you have not fully accepted the terms and conditions of using EUCLID. Here are the instructions to view and accept the terms and conditions of access to the record system:

Instead of following the link to your register, log into your staff MyEd account and click ‘launch EUCLID’. This will take you to a screen, which looks like the one below, asking you to confirm compliance with the University guidelines on the disclosure of information about students on their registers. Please note that Tutors do not have access to any student data in the main EUCLID system.

Disclosure of Information

Once this has been done, you should access the attendance register by clicking on the Student Attendance Recording button in MyEd or via the link below:


Record Attendance Screen

You can also find your registers link within the 'Student Attendance Recording' channel within MyEd, under the 'Teaching' tab.

MyEd Student Attendance Recording Channel image

When you click on the link you will be asked to Your University Login authenticate. The form will then open and show all of the tutorial groups which you are associated with, based on the data loaded by the administration staff.

The form works well on PC and Tablets and can be used on a phone, but due to phone screen sizes navigation will likely be less comfortable.

Register list image

You can then select a group and this will open a bottom section on the screen which allows you to pick the date and event type. These will be defaulted to today’s date and tutorial.

Identify register date and class type image

Clicking on the Record Attendance button opens the following screen, detailing the list of the students recorded on the tutorial group that they have selected.

Browser warning

Please note that you must ensure your browser setting allow for pop-ups, otherwise you will not be able to view the register as a tutor or school administrator.

Register of students image

This form will:

  • allow you to mark the student as attended/non attended/ exempt.
  • if you key 'Exempt' then you will be prompted to enter a reason from a drop down list.
Recording a student as 'Exempt' image
  • create events against the student as the icons are ticked.
  • allow you to remove a selection and have the event removed.
  • allow you to view a picture of each student in various sizes.
  • filter by the 3 categories using the icons at the bottom of the screen.
  • see the overall status of what has been marked.
  • navigated by Surname using the bar at the side.
  • when the events are created the Course and Tutorial Group will be saved on the event.
  • allow you to manually add a student to your register.

Students not on register

You will be able to enter a student who is not on the list by typing in their UUN. This will add them to the list and you can then mark the attendance and an event will be saved in EUCLID in the same way. 

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