Student Systems

Entering marks

This section includes guidance on entering marks including double marking.

The guidance on these pages is for entering first sit marks. If you're entering resit marks please visit the page Enter resit marks.

Grid entry

Grid entry allows you to manually key marks for multiple students against items and assessments. In Grid entry you can also leave notes on a student's record and view their mark changes.

Import marks

You can import marks from a CSV file into the lowest level of the assessment structure.

Barcode/individual entry

View our guidance on scanning Marks using a BarCode Reader to record how a student has performed against a course's assessments.

Generating barcodes

Guidance on how to produce barcodes to use on student assessments and exams, either by programme cohort or course cohort.

Keying Results for Grade Only courses (pass / fail)

View our guidance on recording whether a student has passed or failed a course.

Maintaining list of markers for a course

Guidance on maintaining markers by adding or deleting staff. This can be used on assessments that are marked once by multiple markers or for an assessment structure using double marking (whereby a single aggregated mark is produced for a student).

Identifying Markers

View our guidance on identifying who has marked a particular assessment.

Removing Marks

View our guidance on Removing Marks to remove previously entered marks from the system.

Validating Marks

View our guidance on Validating Marks to confirm marks previously entered are correct.

Double marking entering marks

Guidance on the options available for entering marks for assessments that are to be double marked (marked by more than one marker), leading to a single aggregate mark for a student's assessment.

Double marking Removing Marks

Guidance on the procedure for removing mark where double marking has been used

Double marking Reconciling and exporting marks

Guidance where once you have entered all the marks for an item of assessment, the reconcile marks process allows you to compare the marker for different markers and see the average and percent difference between between markers in order to determine the moderated mark for the item of assessment.