Student Systems

Barcode/individual entry

View our guidance on scanning Marks using a BarCode Reader to record how a student has performed against a course's assessments.



Before attempting to enter any marks, it is good practice to confirm the assessment structure is correct and to press the 'Create/Replace Mark Entry' button available in the 'Set up Assessments' screen. Once marks have been entered, it is not possible to amend an assessment structure.

Within mark entry there are a number of ways to enter marks into the system. This page shows how to scan marks into the system using a BarCode reader.

Click the 'Enter Marks' button to access the mark entry screens. The drop down menus (indicated by red squares on the screen print below) at each level provide varying options for entering marks. This is where marks for a first sit and also for re-assessment should be recorded.

Mark Entry drop downs

Marks can be scanned into the system at any level of the structure: Assessment, Component or Item level using the 'Barcode / Individual Entry option'. Scan the exam number and then the appropriate mark. Do not press enter, once the marks have ben scanned, the system will autosave the entry, and move onto to a new screen to allow entry of the next student's marks.

Barcode Entry