Student Systems

Progression and Awards

Use the Progression & Awards tool in EUCLID to calculate, record and communicate progression/award decisions for taught students.

There are some awards and programmes that can't be processed through the Progression & Award tool. These include most Postgraduate Research programmes and programmes resulting in an award of "non-graduating". Please refer to Award Exceptions for more information.

A to Z

An alphabetical list of the guidance and reference materials included on the Progression & Awards web pages. You can use this list to quickly find specific guidance you may be looking for.

How to access the system

Progression & Awards can be found under the Student Administration Staff Page in EUCLID, under Assessment and Progression.

Process overview

Here you'll find a process map that covers the end to end Progression & Awards process.

Preparing for Progression & Awards

Making a few checks throughout the year will help you proactively identify and resolve any issues, and prevent incorrect progression decisions being calculated. 

Making special circumstance outcome decisions from the Progression & Awards screen

Information on how to view and make special circumstance outcome decisions from the Progression & Awards screen


You can calculate progression/awards at any time during the academic year. The recommended decisions won't be correct though until all marks and grades have been ratified in the Assessment Hub.

Reviewing calculations and decisions

After you've calculated you should review the calculations and decisions to make sure everything looks correct and resolve any issues.

Preparing for the board

This page covers how to prepare for Programme and Awarding Boards, including running reports in BI Suite.

Import notes

You can use the import notes features to import notes from an Excel file. You can choose to import notes that will be published to the student along with their decision/award, or to import notes for internal purposes only.


After the board has met and you've made any required changes, you can ratify the student progression records.


You can publish progression and award decisions after they've been ratified. Students can see their published decisions on their EUCLID account.

Awards processing around graduations

If you need to publish or amend an award after the deadline, and the student is intending to graduate, you need to contact the Student Records team.

Editing Progression & Award information

You are free to edit the progression and award information up until it's published. After the record is published, your progression superuser will need to unpublish it before any changes can be made.

Class Only students in Progression & Awards

Students enrolled as Class Only won't have the course credits counted in the progression calculations as long as the course result is '0 NO'.

Distance Learning (non-credit) students in Progression & Awards

Students enrolled on a course as Distance Learning (non-credit) need to have the course result NO (Class Only) added in order to be excluded from Progression & Award calculations.

Error & Problem Resolution

Find out how to resolve issues or errors that come up when using Progression & Awards.

Removing unwanted progression records

You can remove any progression records for students who do not need a progression decision. You can also reinstate any removed records if a student needs a decision at a later date.

Remove progression notes

You can use the remove notes feature to remove any unwanted student or internal notes before progression and award decisions are published.