Student Systems

Our systems and data

We develop, maintain and support the University’s core student and administrative systems, and offer guidance on how to use our data.

Our systems are used by students as they progress through their studies and also by the professional services and academic staff who support them, and the planners who use our data to make decisions.

Our systems

Our key systems include:

  • EUCLID, the student record system
  • Path, a course selection and programme building tool
  • Personal Tutor channel, which connects undergraduates and teaching staff
  • EvaSys, the University’s course evaluation tool

In providing these systems and offering technical guidance on how to use them and the data they generate, we support:

  • the administration of the student record and journey
  • the University’s curricula-related processes
  • the management of effective student–staff relationships
  • the delivery of timely, high-quality information

Our data and returns

Our data sets span strategic and aggregated management information, and operational applicant, student, course and programme information.

We offer guidance on how best to access those sets and interrogate and report on the data contained within them.

We also manage several major statutory returns on behalf of the University, including HESA’s Student Return, the Key Information Set and the Aggregate Offshore return.

Through our Student Surveys team we assist colleagues who use our survey results to support decision making.

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