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Grade only (pass / fail) courses

Guidance on how to set up an assessment structure for grade only (pass / fail) courses.


Grade Only (Pass/Fail) courses should have one assessment only in the entire structure, weighting 100%, and against which a Pass/Fail/Absent mark is recorded. If the structure contains multiple assessments, the course result cannot be calculated when different assessments have different marks (e.g., one Pass and one Fail).

We would recommend creating a new assessment structure for each course rather than copying over from an existing course instance, in order to ensure that the structure is not copied from a course with a different marking scheme which would cause an error in the system. 

Setting up the Assessment

Retrieve your grade only course from the assessment hub and confirm it has a marking scheme that requires grade only:

Marking Scheme

To set up the assessment, click build structure / add assessment as normal. Enter the assessment name and then save the record, thus creating a single assessment that will allow you to record grades for the overall course result.

Components and Items cannot be created for Grade Only courses.

Pass Fail Assessment



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