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Awards not processed in Progression & Awards

There are some awards that can't be processed via the Progression & Awards Tool. These include non-standard Postgraduate Research programmes and programmes resulting in an award of non-graduating. Use this page to find out what to do with award exceptions.

The following awards and programmes can't be processed in the Progression & Awards tool:

  • Non standard Postgraduate Research programmes. If you have a standard 180 credit MScR you can still use Progression & Awards as usual. Please note any MSc(R) entered on the PGR lifecycle will be automatically sent to Student Systems

  • Students that don't appear in Progression &Awards due to withdrawing, but they're eligible to graduate with a lesser degree

  • Programmes resulting in an award of Non-graduating. These include:

    • Visiting students

    • Laigh Year students

    • Pre-sessional English Programmes

    • Center for Open Learning - 1 year programmes and summer school

In these scenarios, please complete the Award Notification Spreadsheet and send this to Student Systems. If your award processing is urgent, please submit the spreadsheet and then contact Student Systems by phone, quoting the Unidesk reference number. You'll receive this reference number by email after you have submitted the spreadsheet.


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