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Overview: Mobility Online application process

View an overview of the process of applying for an exchange programme using our 'Mobility Online' software.

Please note Only 'Outgoing' applications for exchange programmes can be made using the 'Mobility Online' software.

You can apply for an exchange via the Student Exchanges website (see link below), but it is essential that you review all the information on preparing for an application before going ahead:

Student Exchanges

Image of the mobility online software icon

The flow chart below provides an overview of your application process for exchange programmes using our 'Mobility Online' software.

Image of the exchange programme application process

A guide to the colour codes can be seen below:

  • Blue : tasks undertaken by staff within the University of Edinburgh 
  • Green : tasks undertaken by you

The flow chart maps from the point that you have applied online and registered for use of our 'Mobility Online' software. 

The 'Mobility Online' software allows you to do the following:

  • select and retrieve your exchange applications
  • view your application(s) progress
  • undertake tasks required in your application workflow
  • accept or decline exchange offers
  • upload or download exchange documentation

Reference links

Go Abroad team Student Exchanges

Edinburgh University - study abroad in Edinburgh

Help and support

If you query is related to a technical issue with the 'Mobility Online' software, please contact us in Student Systems by clicking on the 'Contacts' button at the top right hand of this page.

For all non-technical enquiries about exchange programme applications, contact the 'Go Abroad Team' on the appropriate details below:

Go Abroad Team: International Outgoing Applications

Contact details

Go Abroad Team: Erasmus Outgoing Applications

Contact details