Student Systems

Course enrolments

Use our software to maintain student enrolments on courses

How to enrol and edit student course enrolments

Use our software to enrol students onto courses using the DPT validated or non-validated routes. 

Maintain Course Enrolment Rules

The EUCLID 'Maintain Course Enrolment Rules' tool is used to amend rules to student enrolment records once a students has been enroled on their courses. The tool can be used at any point in the year, and is especially helpful to ensure that the progression / awards calculations performed by EUCLID are based on the correct enrolment records.

Course enrolment changes to be actioned by Student Systems

Guidance on when Student Systems will enrol or remove individual students from a course

Course enrolment glossary

A guide to course enrolment ‘Study Modes’ and when to use them.