Student Systems

First steps

Once Tutors are recruited, School administrators must ensure they can access their staff MyEd and University email accounts

  • Tutors must have a staff-like record on either the University's HR or VRS systems, and have a staff UUN and email account.
  • School administrators should ensure that their Tutors are given their staff UUNs and EASE registration details.
  • If Tutors are also students, they must have completed their staff MyEd account set up using their staff UUNs.
  • Tutors will not be able to access their attendance registers with their student UUN.
  • If Tutors report issues accessing their staff MyEd accounts, there is help and support available from the IS Helpline.
  • Once the Tutor has their details for their staff MyEd account, you can begin the process of setting up their EUCLID account.