Student Systems

Making changes to your student record

How to make changes to your student record details via the MyEd 'Student Personal Details' channel, and the student record changes that you need to let us know about to make on your behalf.

Changing details yourself

You can make changes to the following details directly through MyEd, go to to Accounts > Profile and Personal Details > Contact Details:

  • edit my personal email
  • edit my mobile phone number
  • edit my preferred forename ('known as' name)
  • edit my home and semester addresses
  • edit my emergency contacts details

You can make changes to the following details by going to Account > Progression > My Student Record:

  • edit my permissions to discuss my fees with selected others
  • edit my inclusion in the list released to councils for council tax purposes
  • edit the information previously supplied about my dependants
  • add immigration documentation

The My Student Record self-service guidance can be found via the link below:

My Student Record - Student Self-Service channel


Changes we need to make for you

Changes to your student record details that can't be done directly by you in MyEd should be emailed from your University email account to: 

Listed below are the areas within your student record where we need to make the changes at your request.

Some of these changes need supporting documentation to be supplied by you to enable us to make the requested record change. 

Change of Name

You can change your preferred forename via the Student Personal Details channel in MyEd.

For any official name change, such as Forenames and Surname (Family Name) please send your request by emailing us from your student email account to

For a change to your surname, you should enclose a copy of a form of identification with your former name (other than your student id card), with your application, i.e. a driver's licence or a copy of the relevant pages of your passport.

In addition, your application should be accompanied by either a copy of a marriage or divorce certificate, statutory declaration or a deed poll certificate. Scanned copies of supporting documentation are acceptable.

Current students who notify us of a change of name after they have registered their intention to graduate should be aware that it may not always be possible to graduate using their new name(s) and should check with Student Administration accordingly by emailing

Once you have graduated it is not possible to retrospectively change the name held on your record or produce documentation in your new name (unless the name change request is covered by the Trans Equality Policy of the University).

Change of Gender

If you wish to correct the information that we hold for your gender, please email Requests for change to gender will be dealt with in line with the University’s Trans Equality Policy at the link above.

Change of Nationality

If you wish to request a change be made to your nationality, please be aware that in accordance with Scottish Government fee regulations, your fee status cannot be changed once you are on programme.

A change in nationality may affect your funding if you are in receipt of a University scholarship or bursary.

Please send your request to change your nationality, either in writing, or by emailing from your student account to

You should enclose a copy of your current passport (a scanned copy is acceptable) and you may be asked for further documentation

Fee information

Change of Date of Birth

If your date of birth is inaccurately displayed on the Student Record, please email from your student email account advising us of the correct date of birth and attach a copy of a Birth Certificate or other official documentation which confirms your correct date of birth.

Disability information

If there has been a change to information you provided us with at the start of your studies, please contact the Student Disability Service to inform them so they can advise and update your records:

Student Disability Service Contact Details



Academic Information Amendments

Withdrawing from Studies and Interrupting Studies

If you wish to withdraw from your studies at the University contact your Personal Tutor/Student Support Officer if you are an Undergraduate, or Programme Director/Programme Supervisor if you are a Postgraduate (as recorded on the Programme of Study Channel in MyEd).

They will inform the Student Records team (as well as any relevant people in the School/College) and your record will be amended appropriately. Withdrawing or Interrupting may have implications for your fee liability, loans, student finance and for international students their visas. See the Student Administration and International Office websites for details (links below)

Change of Programme of Study and/or Method of Study

If you wish to change your Programme of Study and/or your method of study (e.g. full-time, part-time):

  1. Undergraduates: contact your Personal Tutor/Student Support Officer to discuss the requested change and they will inform the Student Records team of the decision
  2. Postgraduates: contact your Programme Director/Programme Supervisor and they will inform the College Office who will inform the Student Records team

Changing your Programme of Study and/or method of study may have implications for your fee liability, loans, student finance and for international students their visas

International Office for information and advice regarding visas

General guidance, including guidance on Interruptions and the University’s Withdrawals policy

Change of Courses

  • undergraduates: please contact your Personal Tutor/Student Support Officer.
  • postgraduates: please contact your Programme Director/Programme Supervisor.

The changing, or selection, of courses after week 3 of the semester may have implications to your examination timetable (e.g. clashes) which is based on course selections as at week 3.