Student Systems

Student administration (professional services)

Guidance for Careers Service, Disablity & Learning Support Service, Finance and Student Immigration departments on the use of our software.

Careers Service

Use our software to process the Distance Learning Higher Education (DLHE) return.

Disability & Learning Support Service

Guidance on ways to access disabled student information and support needs through EUCLID. This is sensitive data and access is determined by a staff member's role in providing support for disabled students.


Use our software to retrieve and navigate student records and student fees history records.

Student immigration compliance

Use our software to collect, maintain and edit student visa records.

HEAR data collection

Use our online guidance to submit data for a student’s Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Scholarship application administration

View guidance on using the EUCLID scholarship administration IT tools, including role access and actions, application retrieval, navigation, ranking and decision making.