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View guidance on where to find and how to use the scholarships administration retrieval screen.

'Scholarship Administration' container

You can retrieve, view and edit scholarship applications via the 'Scholarship Administration' container within EUCLID.

You will be able to find 'Scholarship Administration' container within the 'Students' page, however, if you are a member of the SSFS team, then you'll find it within the 'SSFS' page.

Image of scholarships administration container


'Manage Scholarship Applications' link

To retrieve scholarship applications click on the 'Manage Scholarship Applications' link within the 'Scholarship Administration' container. 

Image of scholarships administration container

The retrieval screen allows you to retrieve any application for any scholarship. If you have 'Screening' or 'Decision making' access to this software, then you will be able to edit applications for those applications that are made for a scholarship you administer, which relates to a programme within your school or department.

The options within the retrieval screen allow you to search by the following:

  • scholarship and year
  • application status
  • recommendation
  • applicant, school or college

The 'Scholarship' and 'Application year' are the only mandatory fields.

When you have selected your retrieval criteria, click on the 'Search' button. This will display those scholarship applications that meet your criteria.

Image of scholarships retrieval screen

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