Student Systems

Postgraduate research annual review: Introduction

An introduction to the annual review for postgraduate research students.

Postgraduate research students [PhD, MPhil] are required to complete an annual progression review.  The first progression review will take place for all students within 9 to 12 months of their enrolment. Students must participate in a review meeting and may be required to make a written submission and/or prepare an oral presentation. Progress is then assessed annually until thesis submission (or more frequently if recommended by the Postgraduate Director).


  • Timescales are the same for full and part-time students.
  • The progression report must be completed in EUCLID with the participation of the student's supervisors and Postgraduate Director.
  • The University's Guidance for Research Students provides guidance on how the annual review should be conducted.
  • Your School's guidance will be published on the Research page of your student record in your MyEd portal.