Student Systems

Student administration (colleges and schools)

Guidance on the processing of student course enrolments, engagement monitoring and recording student results, progression decisions and awards, using EUCLID.

Assessment Hub

Use the EUCLID Assessment Hub to set up assessment structures, record marks and process results for students on your courses. Read the sections below for guidance on how to use this tool.

Mark and course amendment request form (secured)

Request changes to historic marks (pre Assessment Hub) and return a student to first sit in the Assessment Hub. You can also request a change to a course mode of attendance, or cancel/add a course enrolment.

Student record processing

Central guidance on processing changes to the student record in line with University policy and regulation.

Student funding recording

Use the EUCLID Student Funding Recording Tool to record and maintain funding you administer within the University. Read the following sections for guidance in the use of the tool.

Scholarship administration

Guidance on how to request a new Scholarship Fund to be made available to applicants and/or students, use of the Euclid Scholarship Administration tool, and how to manage Scholarship funding on an annual basis.

Undergraduate programme update

Please find all the appropriate guidance, step by step guides and FAQs on the new undergraduate programme update facility now available in EUCLID.

Programme change request form

Guidance on making programme change requests, with the process, questions, and correspondence involved. Some changes to Programme of Study, Year of Study etc. require authorisation from the relevant School/College Office. On submission you are confirming (if applicable) authorisation has been given by the relevant School/College Office.

Course enrolments

Use our software to maintain student enrolments on courses

Managing consolidated concessions records

Guidance on locating details for Student Advisers.

Managing Leave of Absence exceptions process

Guidance on requesting leave of absence due to exceptions

Mobility Online

View guidance on using the 'Mobility Online' software to administrate students applying for an exchange programme.

Student Engagement and Attendance Monitoring

Use our student engagement monitoring software to create, upload and update student engagement details into EUCLID, and record attendance.

Progression and Awards

Use the Progression & Awards tool in EUCLID to calculate, record and communicate progression/award decisions for taught students.

Postgraduate Research Thesis workflow

Guidance for the Postgraduate Research Thesis workflow within EUCLID. This software will replaces the ‘Postgraduate Progression Monitoring Database’ (PPMD) system.

Student Support Officers

Use our software to retrieve, navigate, view and edit student records.