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View guidance on the the actions and access given to those staff allocated the 'Screening' role within the EUCLID scholarship administration IT tools.

If you have 'Screening' access to the EUCLID 'Scholarship administration' software, you can update applications that are for a scholarship you administer, which relates to a programme within your school or department.

You will be able to do the following : 

  • change the application status
  • record an application recommendation
  • record an application rank or score
  • add notes for decision making
  • upload documents

The following guidance focusses on 'Ranking/Scoring', adding internal application 'Notes', and changing the 'Status' of an application.

You can find out more about the retrieval and navigation of scholarship applications by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.


A 'Rank/Score' field is available for scholarships that use this facility. 

If you have the required access you can click on the 'Edit' button and the following screen will display:

Image of the scholarships application rank/score fields

The fields available are free text and have no validation to allow for their use across all scholarship administration.

The 'Rank/Score' field will display at the bottom of the screen, wherever you are in the application. They are also displayed alongside the 'summary' application details on the left hand side list and used in the sort order list.

Making a recommendation

As a Screener you can record a recommendation after reviewing each application for the Decision maker's attention. 

The 'Recommendation' field can be found at the bottom of the application, beneath the 'Applicant Rank/Score' button:

Image of scholarships application recommendation field

You can record the following recommendations:

  • Hold nomination for Programme offer
  • Hold reserve for Programme offer
  • Reserve
  • Unsuccessful

Application Notes

A 'Notes' field is available for adding notes.

If you have the required access you can click on the 'Edit' button and the following screen will display:

Image of the scholarships application notes field

The 'Notes' field will always be visible at the bottom of the screen.

Whilst the purpose of this field is for internal use, you should remember that the content is subject to the Freedom of Information act, and will be made available to students on request.

Changing the application status

The application status can only be updated by the 'Screening' and 'Decision making' roles within EUCLID, and then only if you are responsible for the scholarship in question and if the applicants have applied to study within your school.

Given the correct access, you can update the 'Status' and select fom a list of values.

Image of the scholarships application status values

Once you have completed reviewing an application, changing the 'Status' from 'Awaiting Assessment (ready for screening)' to 'Awaiting Assessment (ready for decision)' will set the application to a state where a decision can be made by the 'Decision making' role.

The table below provides guidance on the instances where you would change the 'Status' to another value:

Status Description
Withdrawn When an applicant or student withdraws their application to study or from their programme of current study, this withdrawal will automatically update the scholarship status to 'Withdrawn', however, if you are informed by the applicant before this is managed by the Admissions or Student Record Team, you can manually update this value to allow you to review other candidates for the award as soon as possible.
Awaiting evidence This value should be used if you are waiting for information in support of their application that is crucial to the decision making process.
Offer declined

This status can be used in two situations:

  1. The applicant informs you outwith EUCLID of their decision to decline.
  2. The applicant fails to respond in a timely manner to the offer and you need to set this manually to allow for the review of alternative candidates for the award.

Please note: the applicant is asked to provide reasons for declining their offer if they do so via EUCLID.

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