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When do I use the 'Update' IT tool and not the 'Request' tool, or vice versa?

A frequently asked question for the Undergraduate Programme update process.

When do I use the 'Update' IT tool and not the 'Request' tool, or vice versa?

You should use the 'Update' IT tool whenever possible to immediately update the student record. The 'Request' tool should only be used when you cannot update the record because of validation restrictions or if the academic year in which the change is to take place is different to that on the current record.

e.g. if you need to make a Programme change to a record for the forthcoming academic session, and rollover has not yet happened, you can submit a 'Request' and select the future academic year for the change to take place.

Once 'Rollover' is complete (usually the first week in July), you will be able to update the record for the forthcoming Academic Year.


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