Student Systems

Attendance Register FAQs

Some additional comments on student attendance registers


Removing old attendance registers from a Tutor's view

  • Some Tutors will be recruited for one Semester; others will come back year after year to complete student attendance.
  • All of the Tutor's registers will display in their Student Attendance Recording channel.  The more registers the Tutor is responsible for, the more will display.  After time, this makes if difficult for the Tutor to locate their most recent registers.
  • Student Systems are often asked how to remove old registers from the Tutor's account.
  • The only way the Administrator can do this is to re-create the attendance register, replacing the Tutor's UUN with a non-Tutor UUN, then re-upload that register in place of the original.  The original register will no longer appear in the Tutor's list of registers.
  • However, please be aware that if the course has closed it will no longer be possible to re-upload the course register or remove it from the Tutor's view.