Student Systems

Requesting a Tutor account

Our guidance explains how to request a tutor account in EUCLID

The College staff in EUCLID (secured) report will help you to check whether a EUCLID account already exists for an Attendance Register Tutor.


A EUCLID account exists, but the report indicates that there is no current access.

  • Please send an email containing the following information to
  • You will be notified of the account reactivation within 2 working days.


No EUCLID account exists for the Attendance Register Tutor

  • Gather the information needed to create the account:
    • Title (eg, Dr, Mr, Ms)
    • Surname
    • Forename (s)
    • Staff UUN
    • College
    • School
    • HR or Visitor ID – this is available on the Tutor’s staff card or from your local VRS administrator
  • Complete the ‘Details’ page of the template for new Tutors.
  • Send the spreadsheet by email to
  • Enter TUTOR in the subject line of your email to make it easily identifiable.
  • Please remember to observe the University's Data Protection Policy when managing staff data.


GDPR Compliance

As a member of staff, it is your responsibility to manage the information you use in line with University policies and procedures. This includes complying with GDPR legislation.

Please ensure you are familiar with the University's Data Protection Policy, or speak with your local Data Protection Champion if you'd like further guidance.


EUCLID account completion