Student Systems

Annual review system FAQs

Frequently asked questions about using the annual review system

You experience difficulty opening your annual review form or saving your responses.

First, clear your browser cache.  Then, instead of clicking the link in the notification email, open your annual review from your student record.

[MyEd> Accounts > Student Record > Research > Annual Review]

Students who are also staff members may experience difficulty opening or completing their annual review.

Consider using different browsers for each of your MyEd accounts. The link to your annual review will open in your default browser, so it would be useful to keep this for your student MyEd account.

Students may be asked to upload a document after they have submitted their annual review to their supervisors.

Ask your principal supervisor to return the review to you so that you can upload the document. Alternatively, your principal supervisor will be able to upload it for you.

You submitted your review before you intended to and don't know how to get it back.

Ask your principal supervisor to return it to you.  If the review is with an additional supervisor, they can return it to the principal supervisor who in turn can send it back to you.

How will you find out the outcome of your review?

The Postgraduate Director will consider your comments and the recommendations made your supervisors before they decide whether to sign it off.  You can open your review at any time to monitor its progress.  When the review has finished you will be able to read the Postgraduate Director's feedback and whether they approved your supervisors' recommendations.  You can find more guidance on the outcome of the review in the University's Guidance for Research Students.