Student Systems

PGT students with an extension

PGT students with an extension will now show in Progression & Awards in the programme year that they're in, as long as they have been fully matriculated or are interrupted assumed completed.

The Progression & Awards Tool now displays the programme years available for each programme and academic year based on the student enrolments.

This means you can locate the student in the year of programme that matches their record on the student hub and process their progression/award as usual.

The student will need to have been fully matriculated or recorded as "interrupted assumed completed" in order to appear in Progression & Awards. You'll still need to confirm the student's attendance for the new programme year beyond the expected end date.

Previously the tool only displayed the number of 'expected' programme years (i.e. a one year MSc programme would only ever show Year 1). 

Now if there are students with an extension that are in the right state (fully matriculated, interrupted assumed completed), you'll see another programme year available to select. For example a Year 2 will show available for a one year MSc, or a Year 5 will show available on a four year programme.

To find your student just select the programme and academic years that match the student record in the student hub and process as normal.