Student Systems

Approve an account application

Guidance on what to consider when approving an application for new or additional access to our systems and software.

To approve or refuse an access request, you must be a senior member of staff.

What to consider

To determine whether or not the applicant would be an appropriate account holder, consider that they must:

  • be a University of Edinburgh employee who is either under a contract issued by Human Resources or designated as an associated staff member
  • require access to student data held in our systems in order to do their job

Students who are also University employees can apply for a staff account in cases where their job title is:

  • identified in a EUCLID business requirements document
  • attached to a programme or course that requires access to our systems
  • attached to a student group that requires access to our systems

Email approval

If an applicant nominates you as an approver, you will receive their submitted application by email.

As you work through their application, follow the prompt to approve or refuse it.

Acting on behalf of the University, our Business Support team will make the final decision to grant or refuse authorisation.

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