Student Systems

Postgraduate Research Thesis workflow

Guidance for the Postgraduate Research Thesis workflow within EUCLID. This software will replaces the ‘Postgraduate Progression Monitoring Database’ (PPMD) system.

PGR Thesis Submission FAQs

View our responses to frequently asked questions we receive for the EUCLID postgraduate thesis workflow software.

How to edit thesis title

View guidance on editing the Thesis title within a student record.

Adding a thesis submission attempt

View guidance on how to add a 'Thesis submission' within the PGR Thesis workflow software within EUCLID.

Managing thesis submission Examiners

View guidance on attaching examiners to 'PGR thesis submissions' within the 'PGR Thesis workflow' EUCLID software.

Pre Viva

View guidance on 'Pre-viva' required details, including recording dates for the submission of the 'Non-examining chair report', the External examiners acceptance date, and the thesis submitted dates.

Viva and Outcome sections

View guidance on completing the 'Viva' and 'Outcome' details for the PGR thesis submission within the EUCLID 'PGR Thesis workflow' software.


View guidance on the re-submission process for PGR thesis submissions within the EUCLID 'PGR Thesis workflow' software.


View guidance on completing corrections for PGR thesis submissions within the EUCLID 'PGR thesis workflow' software.

Managing MScR/MTh by Research thesis submissions

View guidance on managing the differences that apply to the thesis workflow for students undertaking an MScR or MTh by Research programmes.


View guidance on processing appeals for student thesis using the EUCLID 'PGR thesis workflow' software.

Managing Concessions

View guidance on viewing a student's Concessions records via the Student hub, and how to download concession letters.

Managing Assessment types and outcomes

View guidance for EUCLID 'Super users' on the IT tools available to manage assessment type and outcomes.

Letter maintenance

View guidance on the EUCLID IT tools available for 'Super Users' to maintain letter variable as well as College letterhead details and core and assessment outcome letters.

Student view of the PGR thesis workflow

Step by step guide to entering a thesis title