Student Systems

Mobility Online for Exchange Coordinators

View our guidance for Exchange Coordinators in using our 'Mobility Online' software to review, print, approve and allocate spaces to 'outgoing' exchange applications.

Mobility Online FAQs

View our responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive for Mobility Online.

An overview: Mobility Online

View guidance on the overall process for Exchange Coordinators using the Mobility Online software.

Logging in to Mobility Online

View guidance on gaining access to the Mobility Online software.

Navigating the Mobility Online menu structure

View guidance on navigating the Mobility menu structure.

The Application Pipeline

View guidance on how to use the 'Application Pipeline' within 'Mobility Online'.

View and print applications

View guidance on reviewing and printing application within Mobility Online.

Approve and allocate places for applications

View guidance on approving an application made within the 'Mobility Online' software.

Reject applications

View guidance on rejecting an application for an exchange programme within the 'Mobility Online' software.

Re-allocate places to students

View guidance on allocating spaces to study an exchange programme within 'Mobility Online'

Amend study periods or offer alternate destinations

View guidance on amending an application study periods and offering alternative destinations for study.