Student Systems

Academic staff

Guidance for Student Advisers, PGR supervisors, and academics who support the administration of applications, curricula management and the student journey and record.

FAQs and top tips

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions and tips for using our systems.

New student hub

Read about our Student hub redesign along with an instructional video including details on the enhanced IT tools that allows staff to retrieve and navigate student records more effectively.

Cohort Lead

Guidance for Cohort Leads

Student Adviser tool

Use our Student Adviser tool to assign students, schedule meetings and manage email communication.

Student Support Overview Tool

Guidance for using the Student Support Overview tab in Euclid.

PGR supervision

Use our Postgraduate Research Annual Review Form software to review and contribute to a postgraduate research student’s online annual review.

Online course enrolment

Use our Online Course Enrolment software to enrol students on optional courses and to edit enrolments.

External Examiner Reporting Systems (EERS)

Use our External Examiners Reporting System (EERS) software to review and respond to external examiner reports.

Application reviews

Direct Admissions allows you to respond to application review and supervision requests

Recording registers

View our guidance on using the 'Recording registers' software to record attendance directly into EUCLID for a tutorial or small teaching group.

Mobility Online

View guidance on using the 'Mobility Online' software to administrate students applying for an exchange programme.

Scholarships application administration

View guidance on using the EUCLID scholarship administration IT tools, including role access and actions, application retrieval, navigation, ranking and decision making.

Staff accounts

Apply for, or approve an application for, access to EUCLID, BI Suite and other student systems

Software change requests

How to submit a request for a fix or enhancement to one of our systems.