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Double marking Reconciling and exporting marks

Guidance where once you have entered all the marks for an item of assessment, the reconcile marks process allows you to compare the marker for different markers and see the average and percent difference between between markers in order to determine the moderated mark for the item of assessment.

Double marks need to be reconciled to calculate the overall single mark for an assessment.

Reconcile marks is only available at item level in Mark Entry.

Reconcile Marks



An option to export the marks for further analysis is also available at the top of the screen.

There are three options for entering the moderated mark

  • Accept the average shown for a single student by clicking the copy button in the average column
  • Type the mark in the Moderated mark column
  • Copy all the averages for all students over by clicking the ‘Copy all’ button.
Double marking Reconciling and exporting marks


Coursework assessments can then have the provisional item level moderated marks published to students when you are ready.

Editing the moderated mark

The moderated mark for an item of assessment can be updated at any point before the course results are ratified by updating the moderated mark in the Reconcile marks screen.

You will be prompted to enter a reason for the change as with a change to any recorded mark.