Student Systems

Student funding recording

Use the EUCLID Student Funding Recording Tool to record and maintain funding you administer within the University. Read the following sections for guidance in the use of the tool.

How to request access to Student Funding Recording

Apply for access to record funding via an email request.

Student Funding to be recorded

A guide to funding being recorded within the University.

Accessing Student Funding Recording

We recommend the use of either the Chrome or Firefox web browsers when accessing the recording tool. Access to the recording tool is via a student record.

Adding a Funding Package

Every College, School, Deanery and Centre may allocate a Funding Package to a Student, this is the overarching high level name given to the funding being awarded to the Student.

Maintain a Funding Package

Adding/amending component details within a Funding Package.

Add Component Details

Within a Funding Package we record the funding detail, components of the package.

Component Additional Details

Component details, some of which are mandatory, explained in more detail.

Copy components to other funding years

Once components for the first year of funding have been added you can then copy any /all of these to any/all subsequent funding year.

Delete funding details

To remove funding details from a funding package.

Manage Funding

This provides you with the ability to access all of the current funding recorded under a specific funding package, having recorded funding for individual students first.

Subfund maintenance

A subfund, title given to the scheme and/or fund supplying the funds being allocated by College, School, Deanery or Centre/Institute to a student.

Summary of Award

Selecting the Summary of Award button will display the details of any authorised funding components recorded within the package.

Upload Award Letter

Upload an Award letter associated with funding being allocated to a Student.

Funding Component Types

A full list of funding component types that are available within the Funding Recording tool.

Funding Recording Packages

A complete list of Funding Packages supported within the recording system.

Student view of funding

Funding details are presented to the student in self-service.