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Additional Supervisors

As Additional Supervisor, you will be included in your student's annual progression review

Our web pages explain how the review works and how to access it.  This page contains additional guidance for Additional Supervisors.

The role of the Additional Supervisor

The Additional Supervisor’s role involves fewer responsibilities than that of the Principal Supervisor.  They may provide specialised knowledge of a particular area of the student's research, or have closer day-to-day involvement in the student’s supervision.  Each Additional Supervisor assigned to the student will participate in their annual review in the EUCLID system.

Annual review ready for Additional Supervisor to complete

As Additional Supervisor, you will be notified after the student and Principal Supervisor complete their parts of the review form.  You will be sent an email with a link directing you to the form.  If there is more than one Additional Supervisor, the system will send emails to each simultaneously.

Additional Supervisors incorrect?

All additional supervisors assigned to the student will be sent an email when the review has been submitted to the Additional Supervisor stage.  If you receive an annual review email but you are no longer supervising the student, please contact the Principal Supervisor or the School's administration team as soon as possible and they will arrange to amend the student's record.

Additional Supervisor section of the review

When the annual review has been assigned to you, you will be able to enter comments at the Additional Supervisor section.

You should also see two buttons at the bottom of the review form: 'Discard changes' and 'Submit form'.  If you can't see the buttons it's likely that the review is not currently at the Additional Supervisor stage.  Alternatively, it could be that the link you are using has been affected by updates in your web browser.  Try logging into your MyEd account to go directly to the review.  This will take you to the most up to date information and will help to avoid browser caching issues which may be affecting the link.

Additional Supervisor's Comments

The word limit for the Additional Supervisor's comments is 600 words.  If you would like to add more comments than the form will allow, you can send them in a supporting document to the Principal Supervisor.  You should then return the annual review to the Principal Supervisor who will be able to upload the document for you.

Returning the review for further attention

If you believe the annual review requires further action or perhaps you would like to have a document uploaded, please follow these steps.

  • At the question ‘Do you approve this review?’ click ‘No’.
  • You will be invited to add a comment explaining why the review is not being approved at this time.
  • Click 'Submit'.
  • The annual review will return to the Principal Supervisor.
  • When the Principal Supervisor re-submits the form, it will return to the Additional Supervisor

Approving the review

When you are happy to approve the review please click ‘Yes’ and enter comments in the ‘Comments’ box displayed.  When all the Additional Supervisors click ‘Submit’ the annual review will be sent to the next stage in the process [Student Sign Off].

The annual review will not progress to the next stage in the process until all the Additional Supervisors have completed their sections.

Who can view the Additional Supervisor's comments?

The student has an opportunity to read all of their supervisors' comments before they sign it off.  Once the Principal Supervisor has submitted their section, the student and all the supervisors will be able to log into the annual review at any time and view all comments entered as it progresses to the final stage [Postgraduate Director].

Additional Supervisor has entered comments but cannot submit the review

Instead of clicking the link in the notification email, try logging into your MyEd account to go directly to the review.  This will take you to the most up to date information and will help to avoid browser caching issues.

Which browsers work best with the annual review system? The annual review performs well on the Chrome and Firefox browsers.  Some functionality may not work with Edge or Internet Explorer.

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