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Logging in to 'Mobility Online'

View guidance on gaining access to our 'Mobility Online' software

Please note  Only 'Outgoing' applications for exchange programmes can be made using the 'Mobility Online' software.


After you have applied for a place on an exchange program, you’ll receive an email with a URL giving you access to the registration page of the 'Mobility Online' system, also known as  'Mobility'. When registering, you can set the username (which should be your UUN) and a password. This password should be different from your your University login password: because you will need to your University login to access to Mobility from now on, it is important for your data security that the two passwords differ.

You can also access 'Mobility Online' via a channel within the MyEd portal. Click on the link below to access MyEd:

MyEd portal

Image of the mobility online software icon

There area few security screens to click through in order to reach the system. For the first one (below), your username and password will be the ones you set up at the registration page.

Image of the first login screen
Image of the second login screen

There will also be a University login authentication page:

Image of the EASE authentication login screen

If the University login authentication screen above does not appear you may want to have a look at the FAQ below to ensure you're logged in properly:

When logging into Mobility Online, it didn't ask me to log in via the University login authentication screen. Is this okay?

Once you have logged into 'Mobility Online'  you can to select which of the exchange programs that you have applied for, and any tasks that you need to undertake.   

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Help and support

If you query is related to a technical issue with the 'Mobility Online' software, please contact us in Student Systems by clicking on the 'Contacts' button at the top right hand of this page.

For all non-technical enquiries about exchange programme applications, contact the Go Abroad team on the details below:

Go Abroad Team: Erasmus Outgoing Applications

Contact details

Go Abroad Team: International Outgoing Applications

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