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View guidance on the actions and access given to the 'Decision making' role within the EUCLID scholarships administration IT tools.

If you have 'Decision making' access to the EUCLID 'Scholarship administration' software, you can update applications that are for a scholarship you administer, which relates to a programme within your school or department.

You will be able to do the following : 

  • change the application status
  • record an application rank or score
  • add notes for decision making
  • upload documents
  • inform the applicant of an award
  • inform the applicant that they are on the 'reserve' list
  • inform the applicant that they have been unsuccessful

The following guidance focusses on the process of informing of an applicant award, allocation to the reserve list, or when an application is unsuccessful.  

You can find out more about the other application updates via the 'Screening access' guidance by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Please note: The offer of an award does only informs the applicant of their approval for the scholarship. Whoever was responsible for the sending of the 'Award details' to the applicant will still be responsible for the issue of this information outside of EUCLID. It is also advised that this communication be uploaded to the application 'Documents' tab for reference. 

Reviewing the application recommendation

The application Screener may well have recorded a recommendation, rank/score or application note upon the scholarship application after reviewing it. You should review theses details before making a decision.

The 'Recommendation' field can be found at the bottom of the application, beneath the 'Applicant Rank/Score' edit button and above the 'Notes' field.

Image of scholarships application recommendation field

The following recommendations may have been recorded by the Screener:

  • Hold nomination for Programme offer
  • Hold reserve for Programme offer
  • Reserve
  • Unsuccessful

Making a decision

If you have the 'Decision making' role within the scholarships administration EUCLID tools, you can use the decision buttons located at the bottom of the screen to apply decisions to the applications for the scholarships you administer, within your school or department.

Image of scholarships application with decision button

The decision buttons allow you to inform the applicant of an award, if they are placed on the 'reserve' or 'waiting 'list, or if their application has been unsuccessful.

Selecting either of the decision button results in an automated email being sent to the applicant, notifying them of the update to their scholarship application either via their Applicant portal or MyEd Self Service channel. An example of the email notification content can be seen below:

Image of the email notification sent to an applicant when a decision has been made

The images below show the scholarships applicant's view of each decision button being made.


Image of the student view of an offer of award


Image of the student view of an unsuccessful decision


Image of the student view of an unsuccessful decision


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