Student Systems

IT Services

We provide IT services for colleagues based in Old College.

The teams we support are:

  • Academic Services
  • Governance and Strategic Planning
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Services
  • the Principal’s Office
  • Records Management
  • Scholarships and Student Administration
  • the USG Business Unit

If you are not based within these teams and require support, contact the IS Helpline.

Contact the IS Helpline

Our services

IT Hardware

Student Systems purchase IT equipment annually under a specific budget agreed with the USG Business Unit.  This mainly covers PC Desktops and Laptops but can include other hardware if a case can be made for it.  This will allow us to replace equipment on a four to five year cycle.  To assist in this Student Systems will hold an inventory of all equipment.

Departments can purchase their own equipment using their own budgets at any time, however, any PCs and Laptops should be registered and built to specification by Student Systems.

For information or advice on hardware please email Student Systems.

Note: We can’t help you move IT equipment, but we can assist you with setting up relocated hardware.  If you need help moving equipment, contact Servitorial and Ceremonial Services.

IT Software

Most software is available from the approved University Application Catalogue.  Software that doesn’t require approval can be downloaded instantly.  For software that requires approval you will need to purchase a license before approval can be made (particularly Adobe and Microsoft products).  Licenses are purchased from IS Software Services and you can contact them at

For software not available from the Application Catalogue please contact IS Software Services for advice before purchasing.

Local Databases

If you have an existing local MS Access and/or ColdFusion application we can assist with its support.  For information or advice on local databases please email Student Systems.

New Users

We will provide the following:

  • access to network drives
  • assistance with new user passwords
  • access to generic email addresses
  • PC and Laptop admin rights
  • IT Equipment

Please give as much notice as possible as we have to liaise with IS for much of the above.  Full details on the information we require and how to contact us can be found at (link to be provided).

Self Service


For set-up help with printers, software etc., refer to the Information Services online user guides below or contact IS Helpline.


On-going Hardware and Software Support

If you have any problems with your Printer, Laptop, Desktop PC or with any of the corporate software please contact IS Helpline.