Student Systems

Our expertise

Our team has expertise in operations, support, software training, administration, IT development and testing, business analysis, data management and surveys.

A shared resource

The work we do has furnished us with a diversity of experience across the University and allows us to provide non-system focussed process reviews on request for other departments, utilising our Lean and change management training.

Please contact Student Systems to make an enquiry into how your department ay make use of our expertise in process reviews.

A successful partnership

We are a partnership between the University Secretary’s Group and the Information Services Group, and sit within Student Experience Services.

We are led by Barry Neilson, Director, and are made up of two co-located specialist teams.

Student Systems Operations

Our Operations colleagues include professional and professional support staff who:

  • provide support and training to system users
  • manage student administrative processes
  • manage statutory returns
  • advise colleagues on how to report on our data
  • conduct student surveys
  • provide IT support to Old College

Student Systems Partnership

Our Partnership team comprises business analysts, testers and developers who work with staff, students, applicants and alumni to:

  • develop and implement new systems and processes
  • deliver continuous improvements that provide better solutions and efficiencies
  • adopt modern technologies to extend the capabilities of existing systems and to improve our users’ experiences
  • support colleagues in business process review

Our objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • provide leadership and direction for the development of Edinburgh’s student systems in alignment with the University's overall strategic plan
  • provide an outstanding level of service to our users
  • make a measurable impact by successfully managing and enhancing the University’s student systems and record
  • make Student Systems a great place to work

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