Student Systems

Assessment Hub

Use the EUCLID Assessment Hub to set up assessment structures, record marks and process results for students on your courses. Read the sections below for guidance on how to use this tool.

A to Z

An alphabetical list of the guidance and reference materials included on the Assessment Hub web pages.

How to access the system

The Assessment Hub can be found under the 'Students' tab (Student Administration Staff Page) in EUCLID and then under Assessment and Progression.

Assessment structures

View our assessment setup guidance to learn the principles of using the Assessment and Progression software in EUCLID.

Entering marks

This section includes guidance on entering marks including double marking.

Changing marks

As long as the course result is unratified you can change marks through the Enter Marks screen for one or more students or through the little i button for an individual student.

Disregarding components

View our guidance to remove / reinstate a particular assessment from a course for a given student.

Scaling marks

Mark scaling, or Standard-setting, is a moderation process whereby decisions are made about boundaries or 'cut points' between the marks/grades of students on a course. Scaling is optional and currently used by a small number of schools on specific courses.

Export marks

Use the Export Marks screen to see an overview of the course results for all students and choose to export this data to Excel.

Provisional marks

You can publish or unpublish provisional item or assessment marks to students during the year so they can view their progress.

Process course results

Calculate, change grades, ratify and publish course results for one or more students at the same time from the Process Course Results screen. You can also unratify, unpublish and undo resits from here.

Board reports in BI suite

Information, hints and tips for getting the most out of running the course board report in BI Suite.


Only some resit scenarios are currently supported in the Assessment Hub. View the guidance here on how to manage resits in APT.

Null sits

A null sit is a decision that means the assessment attempt doesn't count and therefore doesn't contribute to the maximum number of attempts allowed. Record a null sit using the NS grade.

Student view

To better aid communication between staff and students see how to access the students view of published course mark information.

Recording of course assessment results within EUCLID

Information on recording course assessment results in EUCLID, and marking schemes.