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Removing Marks

View our guidance on Removing Marks to remove previously entered marks from the system.

Once marks have been entered, and before they have been ratified, they can be removed if necessary.

Marks may need to be removed for varying reasons, for example, it might be necessary to amend an assessment structure which has become locked down following the entering of marks or it might be that marks have been entered in error.

Before removing any marks, ensure that you have a record of the marks being removed so that they can be re-entered if required. The 'Export Marks' button on the home page of the assessment hub allows marks to be exported into Excel.

export marks Process course results

Marks can be removed for individual items or individual assessments, but cannot be removed for individual components.

If you remove marks for an assessment, marks for the components and items under this assessment will also get removed.

To remove marks, got to the Enter Marks screens and select remove marks from the drop down menus for individual assessments or items. The system will provide a warning message that this action will permanently remove the marks: if you are sure this what you wish to do then click OK. Marks will now have been remvoed from the assessment.

Remove Marks drop down