Student Systems

Maintaining list of markers for a course

Guidance on maintaining markers by adding or deleting staff. This can be used on assessments that are marked once by multiple markers or for an assessment structure using double marking (whereby a single aggregated mark is produced for a student).


To specify markers for the course, you will need to add markers to the course via the new Maintain Makers process, which is available at the bottom of the assessment hub screen.

double marking maintain markers button

Adding new markers

Markers can be any member of staff. New markers can be added at any point during a course.

  1. Click the Add Marker button
  2. Begin typing the name of the marker to search. You will see the names and email addresses of staff members meeting your search criteria
  3. Click the name of the marker you want to add
  4. Click add marker to complete the process
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add other markers to the course


double marking new markers

Viewing markers on a course

The maintain markers screen lists the markers currently attached to a course:

double marking new markers

Deleting markers from a course

To delete a marker no longer required or selected in error, click the red delete button on their row.