Student Systems

Changes to the Tutor's EUCLID account

Our guidance explains what to do if the Tutor needs to have their EUCLID account upgraded

Attendance Register Tutor accounts enable access to the student attendance register only

  • Tutor accounts should not be confused with those required by other academics such as Personal Tutors or Supervisors.
  • A Tutor's EUCLID account does not have academic permissions, which means that they cannot be assigned as a Personal Tutor, Supervisor, or Course Organiser.


Attendance Register Tutor account requires upgrade to Personal Tutor or Supervisor

  • An Attendance Register Tutor may take on a more academic role, for example as a Personal Tutor.
  • It's likely that they will require access to the student records assigned to them in EUCLID.
  • In order to have their EUCLID account upgraded, the Tutor should complete the Apply for a Student Systems staff account form.
  • They should complete their personal details and ensure they reply 'Y' at the prompt 'Are you an academic member of staff?'.
  • On receipt of the approved access request, Student Systems will upgrade the EUCLID account, adding the academic flag and the system role required to view student record data.


Guidance for administrators allocating Personal Tutors, Supervisors or Course Organisers

  • As an administrator you may require to add the Attendance Register Tutor as an Personal Tutor, Supervisor or Course Organiser to a EUCLID record.
  • In order to have the academic flag added to their account, the Attendance Register Tutor must submit an approved access request form.
  • Student Systems cannot add academic permissions to the Tutor's account without first receiving an approved access request.
  • If you would like more guidance about this please send an email to