Student Systems

Import marks

You can import marks from a CSV file into the lowest level of the assessment structure.

You can use the import marks process to enter marks for the first time or to replace marks that are already there.   

Marks can only be imported to the lowest level of the assessment structure. This will either be items or assessments depending on your structure.

Read the sections below to find out the requirements for the CSV file, how to import marks, and some of the errors that may come up.

CSV file requirements

Save the marks in a CSV file that has no special characters in its name (e.g. ‘&’).

You need to save each set of item or assessment marks in a separate file to upload.

The CSV file must have two columns with NO header:

  • The first column should list the student identifiers with one row used per student. The student identifier can be either the exam number or matriculation number/UUN, with or without the first ‘S’ or the instance number e.g. ‘/1’
  • The other column should list the student’s mark aligned to the student identifier in the first column.

Only students included on the CSV file will have marks imported for them.

If there are any students on the course that are not listed in the CSV file, their marks will not be affected.

This means if you want to import marks to replace existing ones, you can just include those students you want to change the marks for. The others won't be affected. 

Example CSV file

Click the document below to see an example of the CSV file layout. 

How to import marks

  1. Go to Enter marks
  2. Click the drop down menu for the item or assessment and select Import marks
  3. Select Marker and click continue
  4. Check the details and click ‘Choose file’
  5. Locate and select your file for import
  6. Click import file

You’ll then be taken to another screen where the marks will be imported.

Once the mark has been saved for each student a tick will display under the ‘Save status’.

Once the import is complete, you’ll see a summary at the top of the page showing how many marks were imported and if there were any errors.

Process with screenshots

Error messages

If there is a problem with the data being imported you may see an error message written under the 'Save status' beside a student.

The following error messages could appear:

Error message Reason
Student cannot be found

The student cannot be found based on the identifier entered. 

This could be if the student number is recorded wrong or if the student is not in the list for marks to be entered. This could happen if you’re trying to enter marks for a student with a ratified result, or if you’re trying to enter first sit marks for a student in resit.
Mark not valid - higher than maximum allowed The mark entered is higher than the ‘marked out of value’.  For example you’ve entered 30 and the item is marked out of 20.
Mark is less than zero The mark entered is a negative number.
Invalid mark - not a number A value has been entered that is not a number for a course on a mark/grade marking scheme. This could happen if you have entered a grade, or if you have entered any letters other than 'AN' (for absent).
Number entered, must be a grade A number has been entered for a course on a grade only marking scheme. 
Invalid grade for marking scheme The value entered is not a valid grade for the marking scheme.