Student Systems

Student view of the PGR thesis workflow

Step by step guide to entering a thesis title

Please note: It was decided in conjunction with the user group that the outcome and all documentation with this will be handled directly between College and Student and not to be displayed in student EUCLID
  Currently the Thesis submission workflow is not available to MScResearch students within the 'Student self serve' MyED channel

Students will be able to see a view of the thesis workflow within their EUCLID 'Student Self Service' channel within MyEd.

Below is an example of what the student will see. It is a cut down version of the staff workflow, and does not display the outcome to the student.

When a thesis submission attempt starts this is what a student will see.

Image of student self serve thesis workflow attempt 1

As staff progress through the workflow, parts of the workflow will tick off (as it does in the Student Hub) until you have a final view of a completed workflow:

Image of student self serve thesis workflow attempt 1

If a 'resubmission' or 'corrections' are required a second workflow will appear to the student working through their second attempt.

Image of Student Self serve MyEd channel displaying a correction to the thesis workflow for attempt 2