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Viewing in course assessment marks

How to view your provisional in-course assessment marks in EUCLID.

Viewing In-Course Assessment Marks on your EUCLID student record

Over the past few years, we have been making improvements to how professional services staff manage and record the marks achieved in student assessments.

We have been working on providing a central place where summative assessment marks (at both component and course level) are held, published and communicated regardless of which School the course resides in. This includes decisions made both before (provisional marks) and after (ratified marks) the Exam Board has met to ratify final course marks.

While other systems will continue to hold partial information and written feedback (e.g. Learn), it is now possible for you to see all your in-course assessment marks in a single place in the student record system (EUCLID).

This acts as a convenient single place for you and your Student Support Team or Student Adviser to see your provisional assessment marks as you progress through your degree programme, and then your final ratified course marks once the Exam Board has considered your achievements.

There is now a tab in the EUCLID Self Service portal called "Assessment". This tab will show all the assessments you are expected to take for a given course, listed by each course you are taking. As your studies continue, these will gradually be populated with the marks you have achieved.

Please contact Student Systems via the details below if you wish to feedback on the functionality of this page. If you have any concerns about your actual marks, please contact your School in the usual way.

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