Student Systems

Error & Problem Resolution

Find out how to resolve issues or errors that come up when using Progression & Awards.

Awards not processed in Progression & Awards

There are some awards that can't be processed via the Progression & Awards Tool. These include non-standard Postgraduate Research programmes and programmes resulting in an award of non-graduating. Use this page to find out what to do with award exceptions.

Award publishing after the deadline

You must publish awards for students intending to graduate by the deadline. If you miss the deadline you will not be able to publish the award in APT and need to contact Student Systems instead.

PGT students with an extension

PGT students with an extension will now show in Progression & Awards in the programme year that they're in, as long as they have been fully matriculated or are interrupted assumed completed.

Deleting a progression record

If you find a student on the list who doesn't need a progression record, for example because they have withdrawn or gone interrupted, you can delete the progression record.

Incorrect enrolment/selection status

An incorrect selection status means the course results and credits will not be counting towards the right part of the calculations. This may result in an incorrect or unexpected progression/award decision.

Error Parsing Student

This error can occur for many different reasons and you will need to email Student Systems to resolve it.

Duplicate progression records

In some cases more than one progression record for the same student is a valid scenario. If a second record is not required you can try to delete it.