Student Systems

Professional services

Guidance for staff in the professional services of the student journey, experience and record.

Key Dates

Student Systems Annual Key Dates

FAQs and top tips

Frequently asked questions and top tips about the use of our software.

Attendance confirmation for matriculation

Guidance on confirming attendance for individual students and in bulk. This must be done for all new entrants and for all continuing students on an annual basis. Attendance confirmation is a different process from Engagement Monitoring and attendance registers.

New student hub

Read about our Student hub redesign along with an instructional video including details on the enhanced IT tools that allows staff to retrieve and navigate student records more effectively.

Staff accounts

Apply for, or approve an application for, access to EUCLID, BI Suite and other student systems


Guidance on how to use our systems to manage the admissions process for UCAS, direct and ‘other’ applications.

PGR supervision administrators

Use our EUCLID and Postgraduate Progression Management Database (PPMD) research student software to retrieve and navigate student records, create and maintain supervision teams and manage research student examination, progress and date information.

Student Support

Guidance about Student Support for Student Advisers and for professional services to process Cohort Lead details.

Postgraduate Research Annual Review

Guidance for administrators on the Postgraduate Research Annual Review Form in EUCLID

Programme and course maintenance

Guidance on programme and course creation and maintenance, accreditation and external examiner reporting within EUCLID.

Student administration (colleges and schools)

Guidance on the processing of student course enrolments, engagement monitoring and recording student results, progression decisions and awards, using EUCLID.

Study Away

Guidance on Study Away

Student administration (professional services)

Guidance for Careers Service, Disablity & Learning Support Service, Finance and Student Immigration departments on the use of our software.

Bulk Optional Course Enrolments

Information for School Administrative staff about the Bulk Optional Course Enrolments service, designed to process multiple student enrolments at course level.

Software change requests

Guidance on how to submit a software change request to Student Systems.