Student Systems

EUCLID accounts for Tutors

Use our tools to check whether an Attendance Register Tutor has an account in EUCLID

  • A report of all staff with an active account in EUCLID is available in the College staff in EUCLID (secured) page.
  • This report is refreshed daily at 09.05 hours.
  • For security reasons you will be required to log in with EASE to access the report.
  • Access to this report is restricted for GDPR compliance.  Do not save a copy of the report to your local drive or send it to anyone else.


How to use the 'College staff in EUCLID' report

  • The report will open as a spreadsheet with 10 data columns.
    • The 12-digit EUCLID code assigned to each user
    • Title [Dr, Prof]
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Whether academic.  Attendance Register Tutors are not flagged as 'academic' because this affects their access to EUCLID.
    • College
    • School
    • Department
    • Whether they have access to EUCLID [Y/N]
    • Their staff UUN.
College Staff in EUCLID Report


  • If the report shows that a EUCLID account exists for the Attendance Register Tutor and they have access to EUCLID, you can go on to set up their attendance register.  
  • If no EUCLID account exists for the Attendance Register Tutor, please proceed to our Requesting a Tutor account guidance.